What We Believe

Greater Trinity strives to emphasize the preaching of the word of God by those that are called by God to preach His word. Our Pastor has stressed to our associate ministers that preparation; prayer and proper interpretation are the three key elements of preaching. 
Pastoral/Lay Leadership and "Followship": 
This is accomplished by acknowledging that the Pastor is the under-shepherd of the Church - in all matters - both spiritually and temporally. Not only that, but the Pastor and staff are charged to "equip the saints" - and we gladly and Biblically follow the Word of God.
Teaching and Training:
The cornerstone of our teaching and training program is our Sunday School and Bible Study. We believe in Growth and Outreach through the Sunday School. We offer classes for all age groups. In addition, we offer other special classes and seminars throughout the year and sponsor a Vacation Bible school during the summer.

Pastor’s Vision : 
The challenges and opportunities that are afforded to our church are exciting. We are a church that believes in the limitlessness of God‘s possibilities and for this reason we must continue to pray without ceasing (Romans 12:12). Each of us is faced with new realities and even life changing decisions and we can only find the guidance that God has to provide for us, as we ask for power from the Holy Spirit. We seek God’s guidance first to lead our church, our congregation, our community and our nation.

God has given me a vision for the Greater Trinity Church. I see the Greater Trinity Church as a Non-traditional church yet Spirit-filled, multi-cultural church, numbering in the hundreds, impacting not only our community but our city, neighboring cities, our state, nation and our world through leadership development and church empowerment through growth and energetic evangelism. I believe that the following is, in part, what God would have us to accomplish together.

Woodrow Wilson said, “I use not only all the brains I have, but all that I can borrow.”

Our Mission Statement:
Greater Trinity is committed to bringing men and women who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ into fellowship with him and into responsible church membership through:
  • Equipping Believers
  • Enriching Persons
  • Evangelizing People
  • Edifying Missions

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the Ministry of Greater Trinity is to provide a program of discipleship training which will equip men, women and children to live Godly lives and to minister effectively to others in today’s world. The challenges and changes of today’s world demand Godly people who are growing in grace, growing in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and communicating that knowledge to others.
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